Special Head – Levitation – America’s Got Talent 8 2013

Special Head is a street performer with a special gift. He took his gift to one of the million talent shows on TV where all the judges hated him, until he pulled an ace out of his sleeve and levitated!

So, how does Special Head levitate?

Special Head: Yoga, Meditation, Strength, Balance, Alchemy

What is that growling noise you make? How did you learn how to do it?

Special Head: I taught myself how to throat sing. I loved to sing like Louis Armstrong when doing Karaoke. I was practing my Louis voice in the care one day and I hit a note that sounded like the harmonics of throat singing. I remembered that positioning of my vocal chords and kept practicing until I learned more control. I’ve only been at it for three years and am not the greatest.

How did you learn how to Levitate?

Special Head: I started trying several years ago. I taught myself

What countries in Africa:

Special Head: Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho. I actually got caught in a civil war situation and had to flee on the backs of motorcycles past rebel road blocks with angry youth on the side of the road wielding rocks and machetes.

How do you meditate and become more centered?

Special Head: I count my breath. Breath in through my nose deep in a count of four. Breath out slowly count to four. Focusing on breath helps to clear the mind. I also like to meditate in a sweat lodge. The process of drinking lots of water and then sweating allot is the fastest natural way to expel toxins from ones body. We can watch what we put into our body but inevitable we will consume some pollution. Keeping the body pure greatly improves heath and mental wellbeing.

Where are you from?

Special Head: Tucson, Arizona