Protecting his baby sister (ORIGINAL)


My toy poodle Eekichi trying to protect my daughter from my dog grooming blow dryer. ((To whom it may concern: I’m a professional dog groomer. The dryer we’re using is special for dogs and does not produce heat and is also not as loud as it seems. Eekichi has been groomed by me his whole life and is in no way ‘terrorized’ or ‘abused’.

He just doesn’t like it. No dog does. Trust me. But he takes it in stride and is always -handsomely- rewarded after a good wash and dry. But when it comes to his baby sister, he can never be too careful. HE LOVES HER. :] ))
And if that doesn’t put your mind to rest, I’m sorry. I rest easy knowing my daughter and dog are both very safe, priveldged, and most important, HAPPY. (…unless he’s getting a hair cut. 🙂