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Luiz Gerk run over her
giuliana woods Kuchisake onna
Jun Niputu Fantastic
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Lilian Pontaza Super funny
Mohamed Rédha Sidoumou Not for sensitive viewers :D
Sane Governance The first girl was kinda cute. I would want to hold her and be her fake hero in there ;)
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MaTe Hallo Galileel.
Mollie Burke Not funny...
Aleisha Leitch-Diamond straight up fuck that. im surprised nobody hit her
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Miyuki Sakakibara 【みゆき榊原】 *Imagine if you right now or is already walking the streets at night when one Mutant giant spider dog appears to attack you? What would you do? What would be your reaction in this situation? Watch this video and think about it and comment here in this post! It is a prank well done!* =^.^=
dzimen11 gdzię są kur.. Polskie komentarze
Piotr Jałocha Dres spierdala przed pajączkiem a mówią że się niczego nie bojom ... ha ha ha
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Alicia Alicia Cray
matthew pakozdy Leave the doors closed for now??? I be like I WANT THE FUCK OFF THE PLANE NOW!!!!
ganjawolf96 he probably had it on airplane mode so it really doesnt affect anything
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